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OffTrailMedia is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Steve Schwettman. Steve's freelance activities are currently focused on technical writing and web publishing. Details regarding Steve's education, career, and skill set are available on LinkedIn:

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- Technical Writing

Technical documentation reads easier with a light or even humorous tone. This unique approach to technical subjects is ideal for product manuals, technology web sites, and tech blogs.

Public Examples

Microsoft Windows Server 2016: A Frankenstein of Services

What You Need to Know About Data Centers

ARC Owner's Manual (pdf)

- Affiliate Sites


Our premier site uses Google Adsense and other affiliations to deliver the most complete guide to free and discounted events and activities for Denver and Colorado. Information about free activities exist all over the Internet, but FreeInDenver succeeds where they fail by delivering information in precisely the way that web users are naturally looking for it. Our site uses an approach that integrates paid content with free articles while never accepting money for submissions or reviews.

Our search engine optimizations ensure visitors find the site near the top of searches. Our user interface optimization creates a natural flow for visitors to find what they're looking for. Our integrity brings our users back to the site time and again.


Building-A-Garage helps homeowners with their construction projects by offering informative articles on the complete building process, providing affiliate links to products and additional information sources through Google Adsense. This is a hot topic field to create a site in, with literally thousands of construction sites out there written by people with absolutely no construction experience. Our site is based on an actual construction project completely built from start to finish by a homeowner. Building-A-Garage.com was able to quickly surpass the "made for Adsense" sites that attempt to game the search engines, and has quickly risen to become our second most active site.


Our first foray into affiliate sites is still among our favorites. SelectHikes provides visitors with a free guidebook style GPS-enabled reference to the ultimate hiking destinations in Colorado. SelectHikes provided the platform to develop our unique approach to affiliate supported sites, which was then implemented across our other sites.

Ohio & Kentucky SelectHikes

The original Ohio & Kentucky SelectHikes site was created before Google Adsense and before most affiliate systems. The site typically ranks #1 in search results for the various hiking areas it represents. This made it a perfect candidate to retrofit from a non-earning hobby site to a revenue earning site.

Golden Gate Canyon Weather

Local weather station and forecast for the Golden Gate Canyon area in Gilpin County, Black Hawk, Colorado. Serving the nearby forest areas of the James Peak Wilderness and Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest.

- Digital Photography


Rich, detailed graphics and digital photography highlight a site's focus and express content in a form more powerful than words alone. OffTrailMedia distributes photography through microstock agencies, with a focus on wilderness and conservation pieces that have practical applications. What distinguishes our microstock is an emphasis on visually unique natural photos, providing a noticeable contrast to many outdoor photographers who extensively post process their outdoor photography into a beautiful but unrealistic appearance.

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